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Car Accident Lawyer in Savannah GA

Are you suffering from injuries from a car accident you didn’t cause? Get the justice and settlement owed to you. Join forces with a car accident lawyer in Savannah from The Nye Law Group.

We all know that cars are dangerous machines that can cause us great injury if we’re ever in an accident. That doesn’t make a preventable accident okay. Did someone else caused your car accident because they weren’t paying attention or were being reckless? You have options for holding them accountable.

When you file an injury claim in Savannah, Georgia, you are saying that the other party was responsible for causing your accident and that they owe you damages because of their negligence. You have every right to seek damages from them. But you don’t have to navigate the claim process without help.

A Savannah car accident lawyer at The Nye Law Group can guide you through the process of filing a personal injury claim from beginning to end. They will work to help you figure out the cause of your car accident. They’ll also find out who is responsible for it. They’ll help you file your claim with the at-fault party’s insurer.

Who Could Be Legally Responsible for Your Savannah Car Accident?

Some car accidents are easy to investigate. For those, you can find out the cause and the person responsible very easily. Other car accidents in Savannah are much more difficult to wrap your head around. If you can’t figure out what caused the accident, then how will you know who’s liable for it?

You will have to find a way to determine who was at fault for the car accident if you hope to get a settlement. Speaking with an experienced car accident lawyer is a good idea. Your accident lawyer can help you to investigate your accident, collect key evidence to prove your claim, and help you put together your case.

Many different factors that involve a person’s negligence can cause a car accident. For instance, a distracted driver could have been to blame. Or your accident could have been caused by a defective car part. No matter what caused your Savannah accident, your car accident lawyer will do what’s possible to help you to discover it and prove it.

Below are some of the more common causes of car accidents in Savannah and examples of who could be liable in each situation:

  • Faulty Auto Parts – A manufacturing company could be liable if defective car parts caused your accident and injuries.
  • Distracted Driving – Another driver could be liable for causing an accident due to their distracted driving.
  • Dangerous Roadways – When the government fails to keep the roads safe, you can go after it by filing an injury claim.
  • Poor Car Service Work – A mechanic or repair shop can be held legally responsible for injuries caused by poor service work.
  • Drunk or Drugged Driving – Driving intoxicated is a criminal offense. But you can also hold a drugged or drunk driver accountable for your damages in civil court.
  • Reckless Driving – A careless or dangerous driver can be held financially responsible for the suffering and damages you’ve been forced to deal with.

Common Injuries in Savannah Car Accidents

You probably already know how serious car accident injuries can be. You can also experience multiple injuries, which will usually mean a lengthy recovery period, missed time from work, physical pain, and emotional trauma. Injuries can change your life in many negative ways. And the more serious your injuries are, the more likely your life is to be negatively affected.

Here’s an example of how a serious accident can impact your life.

Say you were in a car accident with a semi-truck and had a traumatic head injury. The blow to your head has caused you to suffer some memory loss, and you aren’t able to process information as quickly as you used to. This means that you can’t work the job you used to enjoy. You’ve also lost valuable memories you may never recover.

The above is only one example of how a serious injury can affect you. You deserve to be compensated for all the effects of all your injuries. The car accident lawyers at our firm will make every effort to see that your injuries and suffering are covered in your claim.

Here are some of the injuries a person can experience in a car accident:

  • Brain damage
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Loss of limb
  • Burn injury
  • Internal injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Whiplash

The At-Fault Party’s Insurer and Your Car Accident Settlement

To receive the settlement you deserve, your car accident lawyer in Savannah will need to deal with the at-fault party’s insurer. The car insurance company is the one that pays out on car accident claims. That’s what insurance is there for, after all. So why is dealing with insurance companies so difficult?

Insurers can make the car accident claim process a challenge. They don’t want to lose money paying large sums to car accident victims. They may try to fight your claim in whatever way they can. This lets them lower your claim’s value or avoid paying your claim at all.

For instance, they might try to place fault for the accident on your shoulders, hoping that you won’t be able to file a claim if you’re found to be more to blame than their insured driver. Don’t worry. Your car accident lawyer is used to these tricky methods. They’ll be able to spot them before they ruin your injury claim’s chance at success.

A Car Accident Lawyer Can Help Get the Money You Need

One of the main reasons you are looking to file a Savannah car accident claim is because car accidents have a way of shattering the lives of accident victims. You will have monetary losses that can overwhelm you, and you deserve full payment for those. You also deserve to be paid for all the suffering you’ve endured.

The car accident lawyers with our Savannah office will do everything we can to see that you receive a full and fair settlement for your damages. Below, here are some of the damages you could recover when you win your car accident claim.

  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical care treatment costs
  • Lost wages and lost earning capacity
  • Mental and emotional anguish
  • Physical therapy costs
  • Mental health treatment costs
  • Lost life enjoyment
  • Property damage

Reach Out to a Top Car Accident Lawyer in Savannah

The car accident that hurt you wasn’t your fault, and that means that you are owed damages from the person who was to blame. If you’re like many who have just been in a car accident, you’ve got a lot on your plate and questions you want answered. You are probably dealing with pain, mental trauma, and stress related to your car accident and injuries.

Partner with a Savannah car accident lawyer from our firm to see that you receive the settlement you’re after. Call The Nye Law Group at 912-200-5230, or fill out and send in the online form below. We offer a free case consultation so you can get an idea of what your car accident claim is worth.



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