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Car Accident Attorneys in Charlotte NC

Car accidents cause serious injuries and damages for victims. Give your Charlotte claim its best chance at success by partnering with a car accident lawyer from The Nye Law Group.

In this age of modern technology, we still haven’t found a way to stop car accidents. Car accidents are a common cause of injuries in Charlotte, and if you’ve been in one, it’s likely you’ve suffered great losses due to your injury. Your car accident injuries will likely require medical treatment and time off work, and you’ve probably sustained damage to your car or vehicle.

If your injuries are severe, you could be facing even more life struggles. When you didn’t cause the auto accident that injured you, you are eligible to file a personal injury claim against the person who did. However, filing a car accident claim in North Carolina can be tough, particularly when you’re facing injuries, pain, and trauma from the accident.

Contact a Charlotte car accident lawyer from The Nye Law Group. Our accident attorneys can help you recover your losses. Your lawyer can investigate the accident, work to prove you weren’t at fault, and negotiate the fair settlement you’re owed for your injury from the negligent party’s insurer.

What Are Frequent Causes of Car Accidents in Charlotte?

Understanding what caused your car accident is important if you plan on filing an injury case in Charlotte. The cause of the accident shows whether negligence was involved, and it points to the at-fault party.

For example, if your accident was brought about because another driver was engaging in distracted driving, you can point to the distracted driving as the cause of the auto wreck.

It’s also important to note that you aren’t only looking at the other involved driver as the possible negligent party. Other parties could have brought about your accident, but you need to know what to look for. For example, negligent auto manufacturing can lead to a motorcycle, truck, or car accident.

A Charlotte Car Accident Lawyer Can Determine Cause and Fault

A car accident lawyer in Charlotte will know how to examine your case to find the cause. Listed below are some common reasons for car accidents:

What Are Common Types of Charlotte Car Accidents Experienced by Victims?

Different types of accidents may lead to different injuries and even different liable parties. Knowing these details can help you and your car accident lawyer in Charlotte determine who’s at fault for your injuries and how to address your personal injury claim. 

Unsure where to begin? Reach out to our accident attorneys for help with these common types of car accidents, among others. 

Single-Car Accidents in Charlotte

Single-car accidents are accidents involving one vehicle. You may have been injured in one of these accidents when you lost control of your vehicle, for example. The driver and others in the vehicle may be seriously injured in these accidents. 

What Causes Single-Car Accidents?

In single-car accidents, you may have been injured because of external forces, like a poorly-maintained road that caused damage to your vehicle, or a mechanic that failed to ensure your car was safe. The auto manufacturer or mechanic responsible for these conditions may be held liable for your injury and the suffering caused. 

Rear-End Accidents in Charlotte

This is one of the most common types of car accidents in Charlotte. That’s because of the high volume of traffic in the city. These accidents involve two cars, one of which crashes into the back of the other. 

What Causes Rear-End Collisions?

Usually, these accidents happen because the person in front of the other car stops suddenly. The person behind them may not have had enough time to stop. Additionally, when you speed up too fast and the vehicle in front of you doesn’t, this can result in a rear-end collision. 

Multiple Cars and Drivers Could Be at Fault

Sometimes a chain reaction with more than two cars can happen in a rear-end collision. This happens during rush hour or on highways especially. If a person is distracted while driving, they may not realize the car in front of them has stopped, causing the collision. Tailgating and bad weather are other frequent causes of auto wrecks.

Who’s at Fault for a Rear-End Collision?

The driver that rear-ended the other car is usually the one at fault in these accidents. That’s because drivers are expected to look out for what’s going on in front of them, and often, the car in front either can’t see the oncoming car or can’t prevent the accident. The driver and their insurance coverage are then responsible for any damages and injuries sustained. 

Head-On Accidents in Charlotte

When two cars hit each other head-on, this is known as a head-on collision. It is one of the more serious accidents that can happen. They often result in serious injuries or even death of those involved in them because of the massive amount of force put on the body. 

Head-on collisions are often caused by drunk drivers, reckless behavior, or fatigue behind the wheel. Common injuries sustained during these accidents are brain injuries, spine injuries, internal bleeding, and leg injuries, especially for those sitting in the front. 

Rollover Accidents in Charlotte

Rollover accidents often happen due to speeding drivers, drunk driving, dangerous road conditions, and bad weather. This is when the vehicle flips on its side or top. Pick-up trucks or SUVs have a greater chance of rollovers because they have a different center of gravity, which makes even sharp turns dangerous. 

Why Are Rollover Accidents Dangerous?

Rollovers are more dangerous because they can cause serious injuries or death. A big reason for this is that the occupants can be thrown from the car or crushed by it when it rolls over. When this happens, talk to your lawyer about seeking out the person who injured you or whose actions lead to the death of a loved one. 

Side-Impact Accidents in Charlotte

T-bone or side impact car collisions happen when one car hits or swipes against the side of another. Common causes of these accidents are when a driver runs a red light or stop sign. They are known as high-impact collisions. 

Common Injuries in Side-Impact Accidents

Due to being high impact, head and spinal injuries and broken bones are common injuries seen. Internal bleeding might be more often to occur because of the location where the impact occurs. Certain auto injuries may not be noticeable at first during these collisions. It is important to seek medical help after being in one.

What Types of Injuries Are Caused by Car Accidents?

It doesn’t matter what type of injury you’ve sustained in your accident; you will still be owed compensation for your damages if someone else was at fault. Even if your injuries were relatively minor, if you suffered damages, you can file an injury claim with legal help from our accident attorneys. However, some injuries will be more serious than others, and this can lead to greater losses for you.

For instance, a traumatic brain injury can cause significant interruption to your life and health, whereas a wrist fracture could leave you with relatively minor suffering. When you’ve sustained a life-altering injury in an auto wreck, you will need to receive compensation to help you move beyond the aftermath of the car accident and the injury you suffered.

Serious injuries could require extensive medical treatment, or you might be unable to return to work for a long time. You can be compensated for these negative life effects. The car accident lawyers at our Charlotte firm will see that you are adequately compensated for your suffering, no matter how serious your injury is.

Here are a few examples of serious injuries that can lead to more damages for you.

What Should I Do After Suffering an Injury in a Charlotte Car Accident?

After you’re in a car accident, you may feel confused, overwhelmed, and frightened by the severity of the accident. Even though you’re dealing with a lot of emotions, there are some steps you want to take to ensure you protect your rights and stay safe. 

Contact the Charlotte Police After a Car Accident 

The first thing you should do is contact the local police. They need to know you’ve been involved in an accident. They will arrive at the scene as soon as they can. They will speak with everyone involved and document everything in a police report, which is an essential piece of evidence for a car accident claim.

Failure to notify the police can lead to serious penalties, too. If you’re worried about acting now, reach out for a lawyer’s help with your injury claim.

Don’t Leave the Scene of the Accident 

Check with the passengers in your vehicle to make sure everyone is okay after the car crash. You also want to check on the other vehicle involved and its passengers. If you, your passengers, or others are injured, call for medical help right away. 

It’s illegal to leave the scene of an accident. Make sure to stay until authorities arrive. Even if no one appears hurt, you still want to be medically cleared before thinking nothing is wrong. There are delayed injuries or injuries that may not be apparent until they’ve worsened or become dangerous. 

Exchange Information and Seek Evidence 

Exchange contact information with the other parties involved. You want to collect their phone number, license information, vehicle information, and insurance details. If they won’t cooperate, wait until the police arrive and they will collect this information for you. 

You also want to document as much of your Charlotte car accident as you can. Take pictures, videos, and notes with as much detail about what happened as possible. This will keep all of the information fresh right after it happened. 

Never Admit You’re at Fault for the Accident

You never want to admit fault, even if the police seem to be placing blame on you. You may not be thinking clearly after the accident because of the emotions or the pain caused by your injury. If you don’t feel comfortable answering questions, you do not have to answer them right away. Give yourself time to heal after the auto wreck.  

Seek Medical Help Right Away

A lot of people involved in car accidents do not seek medical attention and suffer worsening injuries, dangerous conditions, and complications from their insurance company. Even if you think you weren’t harmed during the accident, you should still seek medical attention. 

You may feel normal now, but later on, you may notice that you’re not feeling well at all. The effects of the accident after a few days might appear after you’ve had time to relax and calm down. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to a possible injury caused by a car accident. 

Call an Experienced Charlotte Car Accident Attorney

Calling an experienced car accident law office in Charlotte should be your next step. With a free consultation and review from knowledgeable car accident attorneys, you’re able to be advised on your rights and what you should do next for your car crash claim. 

Dealing with the aftermath of a car accident is tough, and facing it alone is even tougher. Even if you know what you need to do, you may not have the tools to succeed. Your lawyer can help you get answers and take action now, while your injury claim is fresh.

What Is the Difference Between an Injury Claim and an Injury Lawsuit in Car Accident Cases?

When you have decided to go after the negligent party that caused your car accident, you may wonder whether you need to file a claim or a lawsuit. Most of the time, you will be filing an injury claim with the at-fault party’s insurer, which gets especially complicated if a rideshare company like Uber is involved in the accident. The insurance company is the one that will be paying for your damages, in most instances.

Filing a lawsuit in North Carolina is usually only necessary when the insurer denies your car accident claim or refuses to provide you with the settlement you deserve. That’s why it’s a smart decision to have a car accident lawyer on your team. Insurers may try to take advantage of you because they think you don’t know your injury claim’s value.

Your car accident lawyer will know your claim’s value, however. Your attorney will fight to see you aren’t paid less than you’re owed. Negotiating fair compensation for an auto wreck can be a challenge. But rest assured your lawyer is up to the task.

How Can a Charlotte Accident Lawyer Help You?

The car accident lawyers at our Charlotte law firm can help you in a number of ways. You’ve been through a traumatic experience and need to be focused on recuperation. Here are just a few of the ways our accident attorneys can help you with your North Carolina accident case.

Investigate Your Charlotte Car Accident

Your lawyers can find out what caused your accident and gather evidence of fault. They can pursue all avenues that will lead to the justice and compensation you’re owed for your injury.

Put Together Your Accident Claim with Help from a Charlotte Car Accident Lawyer

Attorneys can assist you in putting your claim together, filing paperwork, and guiding you through the claim process. Laws can be confusing, and the Charlotte injury claim process can be overwhelming. You need a legal team of accident attorneys who can work for you and advise you during this difficult time.

Get You Paid for Your Losses After a Car Accident

Our car accident lawyers in Charlotte can handle insurance negotiations, ensuring you receive a settlement that is equal to your claim’s value. If necessary, we can take your case to court. We aren’t afraid to fight for you if an insurer is not being fair with your personal injury claim.

How Do You Get the Settlement You Rightly Deserve for a Car Accident?

Many people don’t fully realize how a car accident can affect their lives until it’s happened to them. Even then, you might not know what damages you can receive following your car accident, especially if you don’t have a lawyer working your claim.

For instance, most people know that they can file a claim and receive a settlement for their property loss, but they may not know that they’re owed compensation for missed time from work and for their mental trauma.

You are owed total compensation for every injury and negative effect you’ve experienced due to a car accident caused by another’s negligence. This includes monetary losses, such as medical bills, and nonmonetary losses, such as scarring or disfigurement.

It’s your attorney’s job to see that you receive the fair accident settlement owed to you, and we will pursue all parties who played a role in your accident to see that you get every cent you deserve. A few examples of damages frequently paid out in car accident claims are listed in the table below.

Monetary Damages for a Car Accident Nonmonetary Damages for a Car Accident
Lost income and loss of future earning potential Physical pain of your injuries
Medical care costs, including medications, co-pays, outpatient treatment, and hospital visits Mental and emotional trauma from your accident and/or injuries
Damage to your vehicle Loss of life enjoyment
Physical therapy costs Inability to return to work
Costs of mental health services Scarring/disfigurement/permanent injury

Do You Want to Speak with a Car Accident Lawyer in Charlotte?

There’s no doubt that a car accident can cause substantial injury and damage to your life. When you didn’t cause the accident that injured you, you shouldn’t be expected to pay for it. Submitting an injury claim with the at-fault party’s insurer is likely the way to go, but you don’t want to face that process alone. Help from an experienced lawyer is available; you need only reach out.

Contact a Charlotte car accident lawyer from The Nye Law Group for a free case evaluation. Dial our personal injury law firm directly at 704-285-6319, or feel free to send in the web submission form located down below.

Charlotte Car Accident FAQ

Car accidents in North Carolina and throughout the country are common. Many people file car accident claims every day. You are probably figuring out how to bring a claim. But you might have questions or need legal help. A Charlotte injury lawyer can make the claim process much easier for you. Some questions our attorneys often receive have been listed with answers for you below. You’re welcome to talk with a car accident lawyer at The Nye Law Group to receive more case-specific answers to your questions.

What’s the statute of limitations for a car accident claim in Charlotte, North Carolina?

The statute of limitations in North Carolina is three years for car accident claims. If you don’t bring your car accident injury claim or lawsuit within this time frame, you will be barred from seeking compensation, whether you have a lawyer on your claim or not.

Could more than one person be liable for my Charlotte car accident?

Many people could be liable for a car accident. For instance, a careless truck driver and the driver’s company could both be liable for an accident. You lawyer can investigate and determine who is responsible, and to what degree.

What is the insurance company’s role in the car accident claim process?

The insurance company of the at-fault party plays a vital role in the claim process. The insurer is the one who pays out on your claim if you prove their insured was to blame for the car accident. Insurance negotiations can be difficult, but a car accident lawyer can help you deal with claim adjusters in Charlotte.

Car accidents are known to cause serious injuries. Does my injury’s seriousness affect my Charlotte car accident claim?

Yes, the nature of your car accident injury can affect your claim. More serious injuries typically result in greater damages, which means those who are severely injured could receive a higher payout. Working with a lawyer helps to ensure you get properly compensated in proportion to your injury.

What is the negligence law in North Carolina?


North Carolina law requires that the person who caused a car accident be the one to pay for it. Negligence is when someone’s actions are careless or dangerous and lead to someone else being hurt. If your car accident and injury were brought about by the negligence of another, that person could be legally responsible for what happened during your accident.

What if the insurance company denies my claim?

If the insurance company denies your injury claim, they should provide reasons why. Regardless of the reason, you have the right to appeal their decision. However, it’s recommended that you appeal with help from an experienced lawyer like those at The Nye Law Group before trying to speak with the insurance company. With our experience in personal injury claims, we can not only appeal the decision for you but also give you a better chance to receive a fair amount for your claim. Insurance companies will always try to give the least amount to the victim, but your lawyer will see through this and seek what you’re due for your injury.

What if the other driver doesn’t have insurance?

If the other driver does not have insurance, then you may need to bring them to court. Using our attorneys, you can file a lawsuit against them or make a claim through your own uninsured motorist coverage. Your lawyer can help you determine how best to pursue compensation when you’re hurt and dealing with a serious injury.

How much is the average settlement for a car accident case?

There’s no typical settlement amount that comes with a car accident claim. There are many factors used to determine the amount that is awarded to the victim for his or her injury. It also depends on whether the case is settled inside or outside of court. Other factors may include whether there is foul play involved, drugs and alcohol, the extent of the injuries, and any emotional suffering. There are so many different circumstances that can change the amount you receive. The car accident attorneys in our law office will look everything over and ensure you’re getting a fair amount for your specific personal injury settlement.

When should I get a lawyer for my accident?

If you’ve suffered significant injuries and damages, then you may need to contact a law office as soon as possible. If you were only involved in a minor accident that resulted in small injuries and damages, then you may still want to speak to an attorney because even minor injuries can have a hefty price tag.

How is fault determined in an accident?

According to North Carolina laws, you have to prove that the other driver was the one at fault. They have to have been operating on the principle of contributory negligence. You have to prove that the driver was the one at fault due to their own negligence. Police reports, photos and videos of the scene, and witnesses can all provide evidence of this. There are a handful of ways to prove that the other driver was negligent and at fault for your injury and accident.

How do I know if I have a Charlotte car accident claim?

If you were injured in an accident due to no fault of your own, then you may have a personal injury case. Even if you were partially at fault for the accident, you still may be able to seek compensation for your injury. The only way to know for sure if you have a case or not is to give us at The Nye Law Group a call. Our  car accident attorneys can meet with you and speak with you regarding the specific circumstances of your injury and accident to determine whether you have a case and what to do about your case.

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