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Personal Injury Lawyer in Savannah GA

You’ve suffered injury and losses because of someone else’s carelessness. You deserve justice and compensation for what you’ve endured. Partner with the Savannah injury lawyers at The Nye Law Group for help filing a personal injury claim.

Accidents are common in Savannah and throughout Georgia. But not every accident is caused by someone else’s negligence. Some accidents are nobody’s fault. But some are the direct result of another’s careless or reckless actions. Was your injury caused by someone else’s negligence? Then you have the right to file a personal injury claim against them.

Injury claims serve several purposes. They can hold the at-fault party accountable for their actions. They can ensure others aren’t hurt in the same way. Personal injury claims also allow the accident victims to get money for the damages the injury has brought to their lives.

Filing a claim can be an arduous task. Plus, you likely don’t know much about the injury claim process. But your Savannah personal injury lawyer does. Your lawyer can help you go after justice and compensation.

Personal Injury Accident Types in Savannah, Georgia

Unfortunately, there are many ways a person can be injured because of another’s careless actions. Laws are made to protect people from injury. But not everyone follows these laws.

For example, when you walk into a Savannah store or business, the business owners have a duty to provide safe premises for guests and customers. If you are injured on the property because of negligence, you have a right to file a claim against the business owner.

Here’s another example. Suppose you are walking down the street and are attacked and bitten by an unleashed dog. The dog’s owner will be liable for your injuries because they didn’t follow leash laws.

Your Savannah injury lawyer will do everything possible to see that those who caused your injuries are held to account. Below are some common types of personal injury accidents and examples of who could be liable in each type of case:

  • Dog Bites – The dog’s owner could be liable for your injuries and damages.
  • Medical Negligence – Doctors and other medical practitioners can be held liable for injuries.
  • Car Accidents Negligent drivers, vehicle and parts manufacturers, the government, or mechanics could be responsible for paying for your damages.
  • Dangerous Product Injuries Negligent manufacturers can be held to account for your injuries and suffering.
  • Motorcycle Collisions Reckless drivers, manufacturers, the government, or mechanics could be held accountable.
  • Nursing Home Abuse – The nursing home and the abuser could be legally responsible for the abuse.
  • Trucking Collisions The semi-truck driver, the trucking company, a manufacturer, a loading company, or a truck mechanic could be liable.
  • Premises Liability Accidents – The property owner can be sued for the injuries you sustained on their property.

Personal Injuries and the Effects They Can Have in Your Life

Injuries can cause your entire life to come to a standstill. All you want is for things to go back to normal. Your body will require time to heal, though. But in the meantime, the rest of your life is falling apart.

You’re missing out on work wages. The physical pain of your injuries can be overwhelming. Your accident could have left you with lingering anxiety, fear, and worry about how your future will change following this accident.

You didn’t deserve to suffer in this manner. But no one can set back the clock. The only things you can do now are look to the future and file an injury claim. If your injuries are serious, they will affect your life even more than minor injuries will. Some injuries can even be permanent, changing your life forever.

Your personal injury lawyer in Savannah will work to see that you are adequately compensated for all the negative changes your injuries have brought to your life. Read through the list below of serious injuries that can lead to substantial damages for accident victims.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Head injuries are serious injuries that can change everything in an instant. Brain damage can cause tremendous life changes for you.

Broken Bone Injuries

Broken bone injuries are painful, and they can take a long time to heal. You will likely suffer lost wages, medical expenses, and emotional trauma from a broken bone injury.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Damage to the spine is a serious injury that doctors often have trouble repairing. You could be permanently injured if your spine damage is severe.

Severe Burn Injuries

Scarring and disfigurement are often the results of severe burns. Your burn injury could also cause you permanent nerve and tissue damage.

Organ Damage Injuries

Your health can be negatively affected if your organs were damaged in an accident. Your personal injury lawyer in Savannah will work to see that those responsible pay up.

Amputation Injuries

Amputations can mean a whole new life for you, with limited mobility, pain, and mental suffering. You deserve to receive justice for an injury this large.

How Will a Savannah Injury Lawyer Help?

You already know you deserve justice and monetary compensation for what you’ve been through. But you probably don’t know how to file an injury claim in Savannah, Georgia. The personal injury lawyers at our firm do know how to go about it. We will take that burden off your plate.

Your personal injury lawyer in Savannah can:

  • investigate your accident
  • work to determine who caused it
  • file claim paperwork
  • help you collect medical evidence
  • handle the insurance claims adjusters

We will work tirelessly to get you the settlement you need and deserve, or we will take your claim to court.

Financial Compensation for Your Personal Injury

No matter what type of accident you’ve been injured in, you’ve probably sustained some losses. Medical expenses alone can cause a person’s financial stability to go out the window.

Other financial losses can also greatly affect your life and the lives of your family members. You could be facing lost wages, physical therapy costs, mental health treatment expenses, caregiving expenses, and many other costs.

In addition to the financial losses you’re dealing with, you’re also owed for the trauma and other negative effects of your accident. These are often referred to as nonfinancial damages. You can add to your personal injury claim the pain, trauma, and lost life enjoyment your accident has brought to your life.

Your personal injury lawyer wants to see you receive the settlement you deserve for an accident that has greatly impacted you.

Call a Personal Injury Lawyer in Savannah

There’s little you could have done to avoid an accident caused by another’s negligence. All you can do now is get the justice and compensation you deserve. Submitting a claim against the negligent party is intimidating. It’s not meant to be easy. However, your injury lawyer from our firm is up to the challenge.

Get in touch with a Savannah personal injury lawyer for help with your claim. Your lawyer can help you to get the money you need for your losses while you concentrate on your injuries and mental health. To reach The Nye Law Group, use the form below or call 912-200-5230.



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