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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Charlotte NC

Do you want to learn more about your rights following a motorcycle collision? Reach out to a Charlotte motorcycle wreck attorney with Nye Law Group to see about filing an injury claim against the person responsible for your crash.

Many people have a negative perception of motorcyclists as dangerous risk-takers, but this is an old stereotype, and it doesn’t make much sense. For starters, riding a motorcycle isn’t all that dangerous; it’s when a motorcyclist encounters those other motorists on the road that things can get dicey.

Motorcyclists should not be blamed for the careless and reckless driving other people engage in. They should not be blamed for accidents that they didn’t cause.

If you’ve been hurt in an accident involving a negligent party, you should be compensated for your injuries. You can file a motorcycle injury claim and go after the party that hurt you.

You deserve to receive a sense of justice, knowing that the at-fault party is being held accountable for their actions. Get help with your claim by working with a Charlotte motorcycle accident lawyer from our firm.

Why Is Determining the Reason for Your Bike Crash So Important?

Every time you leave your house and hit the road, you run the risk of being hurt in a motorcycle collision. Many different things can go wrong, and figuring out what went wrong the day of your accident is important to your claim. Why do you need to know what happened? Because discovering the cause of your accident helps you to discover who is liable.

Here’s an example: You are driving down the road and encounter a pothole that causes you to lose control of your motorcycle and crash. The reason for your accident was the pothole, so now you can guess who would be liable.

Since the government can be held accountable when road hazards cause collisions, you could submit a claim with the government for repayment of your losses.

One more example: You are driving through an intersection when you are struck by another vehicle. It happened so quickly you don’t even know who was to blame. However, it’s imperative that you figure out what did happen, so you can file a claim. What if the reason for the crash was faulty brakes? Then you could go after a negligent manufacturer with help from a car accident lawyer in Charlotte.

Your Charlotte motorcycle injury attorney will make it their duty to find the cause of your wreck and pursue all those who were responsible for your suffering. Below, these are a few common reasons for motorcycle crashes:

  • Distracted driving
  • Hazards in the road
  • Commercial trucking issues
  • Intoxicated driving
  • Reckless or careless driving
  • Poor mechanic work
  • Defective motorcycle or car parts

Does Your Injury’s Level of Seriousness Affect Your Charlotte Motorcycle Injury Claim?

It’s probably not surprising to you that motorcycle injuries are among the most serious of all vehicle collisions. The motorcyclist is not protected by anything other than (maybe) a helmet during a collision. This can cause catastrophic injuries for the accident victims, which can lead to more serious damages.

If your injuries and damages are extensive, your claim’s value will go up. This is because you will need more money in a settlement to pay for the losses you’ve sustained. For instance, if you suffer spinal cord damage, you may never be able to work again, or you could be permanently injured.

Your settlement would then need to cover your loss of income, loss of earning potential, lifelong medical treatment, and other related losses.

Your motorcycle wreck attorney in Charlotte will do everything possible to see that your settlement compensates you for all the negative effects of your crash. The following is a list of injuries that will likely lead to greater damages for the victims.

  • Spinal Cord Injuries – Damage to the spine can cause permanent injury, including partial or total paralysis.
  • Head Trauma – Injuries to the brain can lead to lifelong cognition problems, memory loss, balance issues, and personality and mood changes.
  • Broken Bones – Broken bone injuries can be serious, and they might not heal fully. This can mean mobility problems and chronic pain for you.
  • Organ Damage and Internal Injuries – Damage to vital organs can greatly affect your health.
  • Limb Loss – An amputation will affect your life in many ways. You will likely suffer significant pain, and you will probably require mobility devices to get around.
  • Burn Injuries – Serious burn injuries can affect your nerves and muscle tissue and cause significant scarring and disfigurement.

How Does the Motorcycle Injury Claim Process Work?

There are several steps in the injury claim process, and it starts with investigating your wreck. Your Charlotte motorcycle accident lawyer will work to figure out what factors led to your crash and who was to blame for it.

Then, your lawyer will gather all available evidence, including evidence of your injuries and losses, and put together your claim. Next, they will submit your claim and evidence to the at-fault party’s insurance provider and attempt to negotiate a fair settlement for you.

If all goes well, the insurer will offer a payout that compensates you for the accident, your suffering, and other related damages. If the insurer refuses to give you the full settlement you deserve, your attorney can choose to take your claim to court. If it’s necessary to go to court in Charlotte, your injury lawyer will prepare you beforehand and answer all your questions.

Securing a Motorcycle Accident Settlement

A crucial step in the injury claim process for motorcycle crashes is calculating your damages. This goes far beyond adding up the loss of your motorcycle and your medical expenses, because you will likely be suffering in many other ways, too.

Below are some of the damages you could be compensated for when your motorcycle crash attorney helps you win your case.

Pain and Suffering

You are entitled to compensation for the physical pain of your injuries and future suffering as well. Being injured is about more the injury itself, and you deserve to be compensated for the physical torment you’ve experienced.

Medical Treatment

You deserve to be reimbursed for every medical bill you’ve had to pay because of your accident. This often includes hospital bills, surgeries, outpatient doctor visits, co-pays, and medications. You can also be reimbursed for the costs of physical therapy treatment.

Mental Anguish

Sometimes the mental and emotional distress you experience because of your accident and injuries can be greater than the accident itself and greater than the physical pain of your injuries.

Property Damage

You can be reimbursed for the loss of your motorcycle and other damaged property.

Lost Life Enjoyment

When you’ve sustained a serious injury, your entire life will be affected. You may be unable to enjoy activities you once loved, and you might be unable to get around without assistance.

Loss of Income and Permanent Disability

A serious injury can make it impossible for you to work, and how will you live without an income? You need a settlement that accounts for your financial losses.

Make the Call to a Motorcycle Collision Attorney in Charlotte, North Carolina

After a motorcycle accident, your life has surely been turned upside down. You could still be in the hospital recovering from injuries; you’re likely out of work right now; you could have sustained a permanent injury.

You just want your life to go back to normal, but for those who’ve been seriously injured, that might not be possible. You will need compensation for what you’ve been through so you can look toward the future and put this accident behind you.

Reach out to a Charlotte motorcycle accident lawyer from our firm. We offer a free case review to those who fill out the form below or who call Nye Law Group directly at 704-285-6319.


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