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Real Estate Lawyer in Charlotte NC

Buying and selling property can be a complex process. Whether you’re buying a home, selling property for a business, or just leasing a building to another party, you may find yourself facing many legal obstacles along the way.

Dealing with these issues alone, without the help of a Charlotte real estate lawyer, can have a major negative impact on your business deal. Luckily, the lawyers at The Nye Law Group are here to help. If you’re struggling to take the right steps to settle a real estate transaction, reach out for the legal guidance you need.

Real Estate Law Can Be Complex

Real estate buying and selling are more than simple business transactions. You may be dealing with property that will be used for a business, or residential buildings where people will live.

These types of real estate, both commercial and residential, may be subject to different laws. For example, if you’re renting a house, there may be a question of whether the building is habitable and who’s responsible for repairs. If you’re buying property, you may be concerned about getting the title and writing a contract that works for you.

Because of these laws, you may find yourself easily blindsided by the laws, regulations, and concerns that may arise as you prepare to buy, sell, or rent a property. If you’re not prepared for these concerns, the buying, selling, or leasing process may be more difficult and more expensive than you expected. These issues may even leave you in a difficult financial position.

How Can a Real Estate Lawyer in Charlotte Help Me?

Because North Carolina laws surrounding real estate can be complex, it’s easy to make a mistake or misunderstand the laws you must follow for your situation. When this happens, you may need a Charlotte real estate attorney by your side.

Your real estate lawyer is your guide to the legal concerns you may face in the real estate world. Your real estate lawyer has a professional understanding of the key steps you’ll need to know about real estate. If your case requires mediation or even litigation, that legal support may be vital.

Mediation refers to coming to an agreement outside of the courtroom between you and another party. For example, there may be a dispute about property boundaries when building a house. Your lawyer can help you settle these disputes without going to court. That saves you time and energy you don’t have to spend preparing for hearings and time in the courtroom.

But what happens when they don’t settle? While your real estate lawyer in Charlotte may do everything they can to help you settle a dispute, the other party may not be willing to work with you. In these cases, your lawyer can represent you in a Charlotte courtroom, presenting evidence and defending you during the dispute, or litigation.

Types of Real Estate Transactions We Handle

Real estate covers a wide range of business transactions, and you may be worried a lawyer won’t take your case. Because these laws can be complex, you may need support and guidance during this time. Luckily, our lawyers are here to help, no matter how simple or complex a case may be.

Unsure if your claim counts? Below is just a sample of the claim types we accept:

  • Purchase or sale of residential property
  • Purchase or sale of commercial property
  • Deed modifications
  • Lease disputes or issues
  • Zoning or rezoning issues
  • Real estate mediation or litigation

If you don’t see your case above, reach out to us—we handle many types of real estate cases, and we may be able to assist you with yours.

Seek Out a Charlotte Real Estate Attorney

When you’re involved in a real estate transaction in Charlotte, you may find yourself confused by the legal steps needed to complete your transaction. Unfortunately, a mistake can be costly. Those costs may be financial, or it may lead to a dispute being settled in court. Dealing with these issues alone can feel overwhelming and frustrating.

The lawyers at The Nye Law Group are here to help. If you’re facing a real estate law question and you don’t have the answers, your Charlotte real estate lawyer is here to give you the help you need, review your documents, and complete your transaction without a problem.

When you’re ready, reach out for a free consultation with our lawyers. Give us a call at 912-200-5230 or complete the online contact form below.

Charlotte Real Estate Law FAQ

Dealing with a real estate transaction and feeling lost? You don’t have to figure it out on your own. If you have questions, check out the frequently-asked questions below. If you have more questions, or if you’re ready to take action on your real estate case, reach out to a lawyer for case-specific questions and answers.

How much does a real estate lawyer cost?

The costs of your real estate lawyer may vary depending on the agreement between you and your lawyer. You may have agreed to pay a contingency fee, for example, for disputes that require settling in court. This means your fees are contingent on the amount of money you receive when your real estate claim settles.

In other cases, you may have a flat fee from your real estate lawyer based on the services provided. This fee will be determined by you and your lawyer. If you have questions about payment and your claim, reach out to a lawyer for case-specific answers.

Am I required to have a real estate lawyer?

Typically, real estate lawyers are not required for Charlotte, but that doesn’t mean a real estate lawyer isn’t valuable for your case. That’s especially true if you’re facing a real estate dispute that may be taken to court. Your lawyer has the experience and tools needed to guide you through your transaction or, if your case goes to trial, gather evidence and defend your case.

What if the other party refuses to settle with me?

In many cases, you may be able to seek out mediation with the other party. They may not want to take the case to court, and your lawyer can help both parties walk away content. But if the other party fails to settle, your lawyer can pursue litigation to get a favorable outcome for you. They can gather evidence and information that supports you, and they can offer the representation you need.

I bought a house and something was faulty. What can I do?

When you purchase property, you may expect certain repairs or appliances to be included in the agreement. Unfortunately, the leaser or former owner may not have provided everything promised in your agreement. But your lawyer can help. If the other party hasn’t met the terms of your agreement, your lawyer can help you mediate an agreement, or they can help you take your case to court.

What do I need to disclose when selling a piece of property?

When selling property, you may be expected to disclose certain information about that property. This information may impact the sale of the property, so it’s important to let the other party know before you make an agreement. Some common information you may need to disclose includes Homeowners’ Association information, water damage, repairs that may need to be made, or other possible concerns.

Unsure what you should include? Talk to your real estate lawyer for more information on disclosing property information.



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