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Robert Nye is an exceptional lawyer with absolute integrity and honor.

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Bluffton Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Medical malpractice happens far more often than you might think and the consequences can be extremely serious, from severe injuries and chronic health problems to death. The physical and emotional toll of medical malpractice can affect victims and their families for years to come.

The financial toll of medical malpractice can be just as severe, from medical bills to cover physical therapy and rehabilitation to lost wages from missed time at work.  

If you or a loved one has been a victim of medical malpractice, contact the Bluffton medical malpractice attorneys at The Nye Law Group to discuss your claim. If a medical professional caused severe harm through his or her negligence, our skilled attorneys will aggressively pursue maximum compensation for your injuries.  

Our Bluffton medical malpractice attorneys have represented many victims of medical malpractice and secured just compensation to help them manage their medical bills and other expenses after they were injured. We have the experience, resources and knowledge you need to build a strong case against negligent medical professionals.

It costs nothing to contact our Bluffton personal injury attorneys to review your claim and you will not be charged any legal fees until we achieve a fair settlement or verdict.

Contact us to schedule a free consultation. Call 855-856-4212.

Examples of Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice includes an array of negligent actions by medical professionals, including:

  • Failing to monitor patients for signs of distress or other changes in vital signs
  • Diagnosing a patient with the wrong disease
  • Giving patients too much anesthesia
  • Failing to diagnose a patient
  • Overprescribing medication
  • Prescribing the wrong medication
  • Misinterpreting blood tests and other laboratory test results
  • Using unsanitary surgical tools during surgery
  • Waiting to perform a necessary procedure
  • Leaving surgical instruments inside patients
  • Operating on the wrong body part
  • Operating on a patient without their informed consent

These negligent actions can cause severe harm, including birth injuries, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus (MRSA), brain injuries, permanent nerve damage and spinal cord injuries.

If you were harmed by any of these negligent actions, or any other type of negligent actions, you may be a victim of medical malpractice. Medical professionals have a legal obligation to exercise a high level of care and not cause harm to their patients. If they do not meet that obligation, they should be held accountable and the victims should be compensated.

Contact our knowledgeable Bluffton medical malpractice attorneys to review your situation. We have an extensive history of securing just compensation for people who were victimized by negligent doctors and medical professionals.

Our attorneys have a detailed understanding of the legal issues surrounding medical malpractice and how to build a strong case so that our clients have the best opportunity to recover maximum compensation.

Call 855-856-4212 to set up a free, no obligation legal consultation with one of our skilled attorneys.

Investigating Your Medical Malpractice Claim

After we review your claim to see if you have a legitimate medical malpractice case, we will go to work investigating your situation to find out when and where medical malpractice occurred.

Our number one priority is to achieve justice for our clients, and that is why our experienced attorneys will leave no stone unturned in their investigation.

We will do a detailed review of your medical records and the records of the care provided by the medical professional in question. We will interview eyewitnesses and talk to medical experts to help reconstruct what happened and find any and every instance of malpractice.

After concluding our investigation, we might be able to negotiate a settlement with the healthcare provider or medical facility. But we will not settle for any amount that we feel is not fair or sufficient given what happened.

Our Bluffton medical malpractice attorneys are prepared to go to trial to seek justice if we cannot negotiate the settlement that you and your family deserves. If we have to go to court, you can rest assured that we have built a rock-solid case and we know how to counter any attempts by the defense to avoid responsibility for malpractice.

Fill out a Free Case Evaluation form or call 855-856-4212.

Bluffton Medical Malpractice Attorneys Are Ready to Help

At The Nye Law Group, our Bluffton medical malpractice attorneys understand that compensation will not heal your injuries or bring back lost loved ones. However, we know that compensation can provide the financial stability victims need to focus all of their energy on recovering from their injuries.

Victims of medical malpractice may be entitled to compensation for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • Lost quality of life
  • Lost wages

If you lost a loved one, our wrongful death attorneys may be able to pursue compensation for funeral bills, loss of companionship and other expenses caused by your loved one’s death.

If you have been injured because of medical malpractice, our Bluffton medical malpractice attorneys are ready to help you recover. You have a right to expect a high level of care from medical professionals, and when they do not perform up to that level and you get hurt, the negligent parties should be held responsible.

Call 855-856-4212 right now for a 100-percent free consultation to learn about your legal options.



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